Cleaning Services for Educational Institutions

Cleaning Services for Educational Institutions

A clean and hygienic educational institution promotes a healthy learning environment for students. The high number of students is one of the primary reasons for fast-moving illnesses within the school premises. Crystal Horse goes above and beyond to ensure the best cleaning services for educational institutions across Dubai. We have well-trained maids who conduct comprehensive cleaning. It includes cleaning toilets, mirrors, blinds, furniture, and windows, and removal of cobwebs especially in storerooms or spaces that are infrequently visited. The indispensable elements that play a prominent role in any educational institution are cleanliness, health, and hygiene.

We have a thoughtful and dedicated cleaning team that makes use of the latest technology and non-toxic cleaning products and solutions to ensure a safe and clean environment. Over the years, we have worked with several educational institutions including K-12 systems, private schools, and universities in Dubai.

Cleaning in Educational Institutions

At our cleaning service company, the team recognizes the sensitive environment in which cleaners will be working, so we make sure only the qualified and experienced staff work on your school premises. They will be in uniform and wear badges if required. Moreover, they go through a clearance check, given that they have to work in locations where minors and children are present. When working in an educational institute, we follow a proper cleaning checklist to ensure every area is covered. Get in touch with us today for more information or to avail of our service.

Service Inclusions

Dirt and foul smell not only create an unpleasant environment but also causes diseases to spread easily among students and staff. In today’s date and time parents are extremely particular about their kid’s health and pay a significant amount so their children are offered high-quality education and the hygienic surrounding environment. Any school that maintains stringent hygiene levels will appear more appealing to both parents and students. Additionally, it provides parents with a sense of trust and that their children are in a safe space.  At Crystal Horse, we offer cost-effective and reliable cleaning solutions for every educational facility. As cited above, we work with institutions of all sizes, from nurseries to schools, colleges, and universities, guaranteeing professional and quality services each time. We understand that every premise is different and has specific needs, so we draw up comprehensive strategies based on their distinctive needs. 

Service Inclusions

Some of our cleaning services to educational facilities include:

Janitorial Services

We can create an inclusive janitorial service program to keep your school safe and clean. We will also use modern cleaning tools that are noise-free so as not to interfere with the regular ongoing classes. Our cleaning products are completely safe and have no adverse effect on the environment, students, and staff. With our highly skilled cleaning staff, we can assure you of a clean space with no damage to any furniture or equipment. Along with offering janitorial services, you can hire us for a wide-category of cleaning services on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. We help in the following areas:

  • Floor and carpet cleaning
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the computer room
  • Cleaning lockers and chairs
  • Emptying trash and debris removal
  • Cleaning surfaces, walls, and windows
  • Clearing the school environment

Janitorial Services

Importance of Regular Cleaning Services

Assures Parents of Their Children's Safety

You don't expect parents to leave children under your care if you cannot do a simple task such as maintaining a clean learning environment. Highly populated places such as schools can lead to illnesses from germs and dirt. An unhygienic and unpleasant environment will have parents transferring their children to schools that are able to offer a cleaner ambiance.

Enhance Productivity

Productivity levels in learners and teachers depend on the nature of the learning environment. It is said, that a clean surrounding promotes better-thinking capabilities and increase productivity. That is why educational institutions must conduct regular cleaning services. It helps improves concentration and encourages teachers to deliver quality teaching.

Reduces Spread of Infections

Schools are highly populated areas. They form an excellent ground for the spread of contagious diseases. Hiring professional cleaning services helps control the spread of infectious diseases. Besides, it helps promote good hygiene among students and staff. Partner with us today to help you convert your school into a safe and serene learning environment.