Qualified Babysitters Service Dubai

Babysitters Service Dubai

The biggest challenge most working parents have to deal with is finding a reliable babysitter. We understand that you cannot just hire anyone that comes your way. As a result, parents are forced to seek recommendations from relatives and friends of a trustworthy babysitting service provider. At Crystal Horse, we don’t just provide quality services, but also guarantee trusted and reliable caretakers. They highly prioritize child safety, ensuring you peace of mind when you are away. We pride ourselves in our team of babysitters who are trained in basic life support and place child safety as paramount during our service. They are well equipped with qualities such as dedication and care, providing children with amiable love and catering to every request. We understand each child is different, and so our solutions are tailored to meet their individual needs. Our babysitters’ extensive years of experience in handling children of varied ages and behavior, allows them to easily and efficiently manage them and also see to it that children are relaxed are in a good mood.

Why Trust Us?

Over the years, we have been providing outstanding babysitting services to parents around Dubai. The traits of our highly dedicated maids are the reason we stand out from the crowd. Moreover, we are aware that there is more to babysitting than just having the right skills, which is why we follow a stringent hiring process. They need to entail qualities such as empathy, kindness, and most importantly love for children. After the hiring process is complete, all our babysitters have to go through rigorous training sessions until they are perfect for the role. 

 You can trust us

Below we state a few qualities that you are sure to find in our babysitters:


Kids love to be surrounded by jovial and playful people. Our maids portray excellent imagination skills, helping them create exciting games, crafts, and activities to keep your child engaged. It prevents them from distraction and the need to be in front of the TV screen all day long. Their playful nature allows them to cultivate an active, fun, interactive, and healthy environment for your children.

Very active

We understand that most kids are extremely energetic and always in the mood to play, which is why we ensure our babysitters are active and healthy. It allows them to be actively involved in your children’s playtime and help them release all that energy stored. The overall experience is fun and exciting, preventing them from feeling your absence.

Very Active Child


Every parent hopes to find a reliable and responsible babysitter. We have a team of responsible and dedicated babysitters, who are not only capable of protecting your child but will also provide essential care such as changing diapers, feeding them, and playing with them.

Highly Experienced

As experts in this area, we understand the results of leaving children in the hands of amateur babysitters, and as such ensure to provide experienced and well-trained caretakers. This extensive knowledge gained over the years allows them to handle various situations including emergencies. Children tend to be unpredictable which is why they need someone who can easily handle any circumstance that might come their way. In addition, our team possesses excellent problem-solving skills. Call us today to book our service.