Proficient Apartment Cleaning Services

Apartment Cleaning Services

After a long and exhaustive day at work, there is no better feeling than coming to a sparkling clean home. However, due to hectic schedules, many individuals find it difficult to take time out and clean their apartment. Crystal Horse is one of the professional residential cleaning companies in Dubai. We provide customized and comprehensive cleaning solutions. Moreover, we pride ourselves in our team who have the experience and knowledge of handling various apartments. That said, there are a few terms we follow when conducting our apartment cleaning services. We’ve listed them below:

Noise Control

We ensure to use cleaning equipment that is noise-free, thus providing a calm environment for your neighbors. There is nothing more disturbing than having to hear cleaning noises from your next-door apartment.

Adherence to Building Policies

Certain buildings have policies that regulate the use of water, garbage disposal, and electricity. Crystal Horse understands this, and we ensure that our cleaning services are in line with your building regulations.

Client’s Specifications

We are dedicated to providing tailor-made solutions to suit the specific needs of our clients. Our cleaning teams are adequately trained to guarantee premium customer service.

Client’s Specifications

Efficient Results

With over seven years of experience in the industry, we at Crystal Horse have gained relevant knowledge and learned several apartment cleaning techniques. That continues to give us an advantage in understanding your cleaning and sanitization needs and offer the results you would expect.

Our Key Areas of Focus

We are well-prepared to clean every nook and corner of your apartment including the hidden areas, creating a more inviting, comfortable, and relaxed abode. Our key areas of focus include the following:

Carpet and Sofas

These two accessories define your living room. We understand that they are also the most susceptible to spills and dirt, and so we give them the most attention during our cleaning process. The result being them looking as good as new. Our approved cleaning products and solutions are meant to suit various materials, preventing any damage to the fabric. Their high- quality nature allows us to get rid of any stubborn stains that would not go off otherwise. Having the right equipment is key to a successful cleaning procedure.

Carpet and Sofas

Air Ducts

Fresh and quality air is essential for comfort in any home. We understand the importance of it and ensure to offer a comprehensive cleaning service. It includes cleaning your air ducts as well, which helps to prevent dust allergies and improves the efficiency of your air conditioner.

Importance of Regular Apartment Cleaning

There are many advantages of having your apartment cleaned by a reputable cleaning company. The most critical one is the health aspect. The team at Crystal Horse ensures every surface is cleaned and sanitized to reduce the spread of infections. We also change your air filters to reduce respiratory diseases that may be triggered by dust particles. Contact us today to avail of our unmatched service.