Nursery Cleaning Service Dubai

Nursery Cleaning Services

For parents to entrust you with their children, you have to prove that you can protect their children. No parent or guardian wants to leave their kids in an environment where their young ones are likely to suffer multiple health complications. As a professional cleaning company based in Dubai, we here at Crystal Horse understand the requirements of such institutions and thereby strive to render a competent service. Our highly trained cleaners have the necessary skills and expertise to completely transform your nursery. As a result, you will earn the parent’s trust and more children will enroll in your daycare program. Besides, we will handle all cleaning tasks, and this will give you more time to concentrate on watching over the kids.

Nursery Cleaning

Child-Friendly Cleaning Service

We only cleaning detergents and chemicals that are eco-friendly and safe for use around children. Additionally, we personally source and test each of the products that we use to ensure that children under our care experience no adverse effects because of it. Our goal is to offer you a cost-friendly nursery cleaning service. The service is specifically tailored to meet your individual cleaning needs and shall go beyond what in- house nursery cleaning staff provides.

Eco Friendly Detergents and Chemicals

Why Hire a Professional Nursery Cleaning Service?

Nurseries play a vital role in the upbringing and development of children. We are in a day and age where both parents are committed professionals and being with their kids 24/7 is not a possibility. This is where nurseries come in. Daily caregivers help look at the children in the absence of their parents. Deep cleaning of nurseries is inevitable to eliminate germs, viruses, and dust lurking on surfaces.

  • Creates the right impression for your business;
  • Destroy germs, filth, and dust to prevent kids from contracting diseases;
  • Help reduce stress on your part;
  • Enjoy professional services at fair prices;
  • Earn trust from society.

Deep Cleaning

What We Offer

At Crystal Horse, we seek to render an efficient nursery cleaning service that our clients can trust. Apart from creating a clean environment, we also seek to safeguard the health and wellbeing of children who are under our care. From disinfecting children’s rooms to scrubbing snack rooms, our cleaners do all that is necessary to create fresh and comfortable environments. Backed by a knowledgeable and experienced team, we seek to provide a complete package against our clients’ nursery cleaning needs.

Each member of our team is friendly and reflect a top level of professionalism in the way they work. Our workers shall provide you with the necessary information on how to maintain your nursery in a proper and hygienic manner. We also encourage our clients who are running nurseries to always use hand sanitizers before holding the children. This helps to control the spread of germs among children. We can also help clean your windows, doors, seats, and tables outside nursery hours. Contacts us today and let's help you improve cleanliness standards in your nursery.