Shopping Mall Cleaning Service

Shopping Mall Cleaning Services

Create a refreshing environment within your shopping center with our professional shopping mall cleaning service in Dubai. As one of the most experienced cleaning companies in the UAE, we provide a wide range of commercial and janitorial cleaning services to our esteemed clientele. This will earn you more happy repeat customers. An unclean or smelly environment with dirt clogged surfaces can give the wrong impression to your customers. However, with Crystal Horse as your partner, you can provide them with a memorable shopping experience.

Wipe Dust on Horizontal Surfaces

Our Service Inclusions

Our professional shopping mall cleaning service is ideal for both small and big businesses. We have the experience of working with numerous established businesses and start-ups based in Dubai. If you want error- free, fast, and affordable cleaning services, hit our toll-free number now to speak to one of our highly courteous customer support staff. We are available to offer our unmatched cleaning service at all times, including working and non-working hours. Below is a list of activities provided in our shopping mall cleaning service:

  • We sweep and mop floors, stairwells, and all surfaces.
  • We clean the interior glass.
  • Floor buffing.
  • We dust horizontal surfaces.
  • Wipe countertops and dust hard to reach areas.
  • Clean and disinfect bathrooms.
  • Throw out the trash and empty your waste bin.
  • Vacuum doormats and carpets.
  • Thoroughly wash interior window frames and windows.
  • Dust fire extinguishers exit signs and lighting systems.
  • Dust selling items with dust-build up among other things.

Clean the Interior Glass

Why Choose Our Shopping Mall Cleaning Service?

Customers can trust our team to provide them with a clean shopping environment as we specialize in tailoring our services to individual facility requirements. With our janitorial service, you can bank on us, whether it be a grave shift, swing shift, or day shift, to keep your surface clean at all times. Even if you have cleaners employed at your shopping mall, having the work done by a professional team will ensure that your center will be a place in which your customers will love to spend time. We do provide deep cleaning services to shopping centers on either bi- weekly or monthly plans.

Our skilled team administers the service with a lot of care. So, none of your items will be destroyed in the process of cleaning. For over seven years, we have been offering our services to large shopping centers across Dubai without attracting negative feedback. This reflects our professionalism and value for our client's business. Our commitment is on another level. We desire to convert your new customers into loyal customers with our modern and efficient cleaning services. Additionally, we offer a highly flexible and can work with you despite the size of your business.

Our first-class cleaning services will transform your small business into a large business soon. This is because we will create a clutter-free and fresh space for your customers. Chat with us now for further information.