Crystal Horse is committed to offering excellent results combined with quality, reliability, efficiency, affordability and transparency. Together we work and strive to surpass our customer’s expectations. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions answered by our experts.

How Long Has Crystal Horse Been in The Cleaning Business?

We have been in the cleaning industry for over seven years now. We operate from Dubai and have gained in-depth knowledge and experience in the cleaning industry. We recognize the varied needs, making us the ideal solution for all your small scale and large cleaning needs.

What Cleaning Packages Do You Offer?

Our packages are flexible which we curate based on your requirements, budget, preference, and availability. Speak to our team for more information.

Can I Cancel/ Reschedule an Appointment?

At Crystal Horse, we understand that emergencies come unannounced, which is we accept any cancellation or rescheduling 24 hours prior to your appointment. In the event of a medical emergency, we are flexible with our 24-hour rule.

Why Is It Advisable to Clean the Whole House at A Go?

Unlike other services, cleaning in parts is not recommendable. That is mostly because dirt can easily circulate to other rooms, defying the purpose of cleaning and sanitizing. When you clean every room in one session, you prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, thus improving the health of individuals and the quality of indoor air.

Do You Have Fixed Rates for Cleaning Services?

We pride ourselves on being recognized as an affordable and high-quality cleaning service company. Our team works closely with you to understand your needs and curate a package to fit it. The cost will vary based on the size of the premises and the services you choose.

How Long Does A Deep Cleaning Process Take?

The amount of time taken depends on the size of the room and cleaning needs. We have a well-trained team that works smoothly in a short time to bring you the best result. We delegate the job to a wider team for larger spaces to ensure the cleaning is completed at the earliest.

How Do You Handle Customer Complaints?

At Crystal Horse, we take customer complaints seriously. If your expectations have not been met and you lodge the complaint within the first 24 hours, we send a team to re-clean your home/office.

Do You Have Cleaning Gift Cards?

Yes, we have cleaning gift cards.

Do You Offer Enzyme-Based Cleaning?

We offer enzyme-based cleaning for stubborn stains that are not easily removable otherwise. Our special cleaning solutions are made to suit varied materials, preventing damage.

How Often Do You Upgrade Your Cleaning Equipment?

We ensure to regularly update our cleaning equipment to offer distinctive cleaning services. Our staff is also provided with regular training in understanding its usage.