Pet Care Services

Pet Care Services

At Crystal Horse, we provide a complete pet care service through which you can enjoy peace of mind when you can’t take your pet with you. Pets help to keep your home warm and lively. However, taking care of them at times can be a daunting task. For playful pets that demand frequent belly rubs, exercise, and play to pet owners working with a tight daily schedule, our pet care service is for you. We ensure that your pet gets the best! Our services are tailored to serve pets of all ages and to ensure that each pet leads a healthy and happy life. We extend our service at competitive market prices while not compromising on the quality.

Pet Care

Our Pet Care Service Inclusions

Pet Training

No doubt that it is fun and comforting, waking up surrounded by pets. However, the smile on your face may not last long after you notice that one of your shoes is torn or missing. However, you don’t have to deal with all these, all you need is to give our team at Crystal Horse a call!

Our skilled pet trainers will instill excellent habits in your pets. Every pet needs attention. As a result, we will provide consistent and routine training. That way, your pet will be disciplined but remain happy and cheerful. Besides, we offer a customized exercise, training, and feeding schedule for your pet. This will improve your pet's health considerably. The following activities are included as a part of our pet training program:

  • Come up with a routine pet feeding program.
  • Train your puppy to learn and respond to commands (we use positive reinforcement).
  • Plan a daily exercise routine (pets, especially puppies, ought to exercise daily to stay fit).
  • Help them overcome public phobia (some pets fear or detest social gatherings, we help them gain courage and be at ease when in social places).
  • Turn them into responsible and helpful members of the family.

Pet Training

Pet Sitting

As earlier pointed out, the one thing that all pets need is the attention of their human companion. Unfortunately, you can't stick to your house day in day out to keep your pet company. You can entrust us with the task. We are experts in pet sitting services. Our services are aimed at giving you some peace of mind while carrying out your office activities. Our petting services will help you to control your pet's weight gain, control stress, and anxiety, and help them stay active all day long.

Pet-Friendly Cleaning Service

Many of the professional cleaners here at Crystal Horse are proud pet owners themselves and know the demands of homes with pets. We can effortlessly clean stains and accidents caused by pets and also paw prints and other trail left behind by your pet on windows and doors. Our team only uses pet-friendly cleaning techniques to remove any of the aforementioned issues.

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