School Cleaning Service

School Cleaning Services

For a tried and tested solution against school cleaning needs in Dubai, choose Crystal Horse. As a professional commercial cleaning company based in Dubai, we have a great deal of expertise in the education sector. We seek to help our clients keep their environment safe and healthy. Through our school and nursery cleaning service we seek to ensure the following:

  • Protect your learners from deadly viruses, germs, and bacteria.
  • Keep your facility clean and healthy.
  • Help you attain the parent’s trust.
  • Improve the productivity of both teachers and students.
  • Get the attention of new parents.

School Cleaning

Why Choose to Work with Professional School Cleaners

Almost all schools have in-house cleaners/janitors that help to maintain the cleanliness within the school facility. As a professional service, we here at Crystal Horse can do a lot more than just routine cleaning. Through our top-grade cleaning service, we ensure that all surfaces are clean and tough stains are easily removed through the use of strong detergents and modern cleaning equipment. Irrespective of the size of your institute, we conduct a thorough cleaning on every corner, including classrooms, toilets, dining hall, library, laboratory, and so on.

As a certified and accredited company, we extend our services to all schools, colleges, universities, and trade schools, within the country.

Choose to Work With Professional

How We Help to Keep Your Classroom Clean

At Crystal Horse, we use efficient cleaning methods to eliminate all dirt in the classrooms. Our secure cleaning products kill viruses and bacteria. Additionally, our cleaning methods and eco-friendly products are non- toxic and designed to kill up to 99.99% germs on all surfaces. Note, we do not leave any surface untouched including door handles, chairs, lockers, and so on. Our cleaning staff has tools to eliminate cobwebs and clean computer keyboards.

Bathroom Disinfection

School bathrooms are an environment that facilities the growth of germs and viruses and requires more than just routine cleaning. We disinfect the toilets and scrub the facility from wall to wall.

Scrub the Floors

Our cleaners are floor cleaning experts. Despite the flooring you have, we do not stop until they are sparkling clean. We got all the necessary tools and detergents to remove even the most stubborn stains from the floor.

Scrub the Floors

Healthier and Fresher Air

We make use of vacuums based on noise-free technology. Therefore, we won't interfere with the learning process during our cleaning routine. Besides, our vacuums have HEPA filters put in place to freshen the air around the school. In short, you can rest assured knowing that we will leave your school air healthier and fresher.


Our company values the environment. So, in all our cleaning operations, we use strategies and products that are eco-friendly. Therefore, we do not use hazardous chemicals that may risk your student's safety or destroy the environment.

Secure Work Measures

Our professional cleaners have uniforms to help identify them quickly. They are skilled enough to administer cleaning without interfering with essential items such as wire cables and so on.

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