Cleaning Company Testimonials

At Crystal Horse, we take pride in offering excellent cleaning services to our customers.
We encourage our clients to leave us feedback as it helps us create comprehensive solutions, ensuring the client's satisfaction.

Fatma Ahmed

We have been working with Crystal Horse for over two years and the service only keeps getting better. Their work is exceptional and detail oriented. What appeals to me the most is how they work together towards achieving great results.

Saeed Mohammed

Due to my work schedule, I need cleaning services that are flexible and match my timetable. Crystal Horse is one such company that has been consistent over the years. Through their service, I have the luxury of coming to a clean and fresh home. Their services are commendable and I would highly recommend it.


My youngest son has asthma. Sometimes the whizzing is so bad we can barely sleep. His attacks have significantly reduced in the four years that I have been using Crystal Horse cleaning services. They clean my air ducts and change filters during each session. There is no more dusty air, and with the allergens gone, my son is now healthier. They are the best in air duct cleaning.

Mohd Khalid

Due to our busy work schedule, my wife and I have a hard time managing work and the baby. We then started looking out for babysitting services in Dubai, which is how we came across Crystal Horse. Since they also cover house cleaning services, it was beneficial to us, as we get two services done by the same company. It saves us time and money. We trust both their services and are extremely comfortable in leaving our child with the babysitter.

Naina Sharma

When my sister got me a Crystal Horse cleaning gift card for my hotel, I was a little skeptical about using a cleaning company I didn't know. Let's just say after that, I have been a loyal client for over five years now. The maids are very friendly and knowledgeable. I was certainly impressed by the unique cleaning techniques they make use of; I’ve had several cleaning companies, and the service is certainly incomparable.

Mariam Abdullah

I love cleaning my house, but after a party, I always hire Crystal Horse. They are very efficient and professional. Did I mention that spills and set-in stains are a side effect of parties? Well, stain removal is one of their specialty, so I can always rely on them for their service.


I am very particular when it comes to cleaning, and I demand that my cleaning checklist be followed strictly. It took me a while to find a good cleaning company, but Crystal Horse hasn't disappointed in the last three years. I would highly recommend them; it is one of the best decisions I’ve made.


My bathroom tiles needed deep cleaning as it had a lot of debris and doing it on my own didn’t seem to work out for me. I started asking around and many suggested Crystal Horse. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but when I saw their techniques, the tools used, their knowledge while communicating about it to me, I was certain that the results are going to be exceptional. I am now a regular with them and the service only gets better each time.

Shanaya Khan

Dependable cleaning companies are hard to come by, and the Crystal Horse cleaning service was a savior. Due to my hectic working hours, I suggested a bi-weekly cleaning schedule as its easier for me to manage. They offer me complete peace of mind, as I know I can rely on them for punctuality and excellent quality.


Crystal Horse is an excellent company that is not only trustworthy but lives up to its promise of guaranteeing excellent results. The maids are very friendly, courteous, and professional at the same time. They know their work and it can be seen in their working process. The team works together and has such great coordination, that they are able to complete the task as per the time. If you need professional cleaning services in Dubai, they are the ideal option.

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