Efficient Deep Cleaning Service

Deep Cleaning Service

Whether you are living in an apartment or villa in Dubai, the weather, dirt gathered and specific areas in your residence all contribute to the need for a comprehensive deep cleaning service. From scrubbing the grime to cleaning kitchen cabinets and bathroom walls, tile, and grout, our professional deep cleaning services cover all these and more. We take pride in our cleaning team who is fully equipped, skilled, capable, and reliable. They ensure to clean your house thoroughly including the nook and corners and hidden areas that are often forgotten. Our high-quality cleaning equipment combined with advanced technology allows us to leave your home as good as new.

Our maids will clean and sanitize the rooms to get rid of bacteria and germs formed over time. Steam cleaning will enhance air quality, allowing you better sleep schedule and improved productivity. Every piece of furniture and equipment in your home will be cleaned thoroughly, keeping it clean, safe, hygienic, and dust-free. Regular deep cleaning is extremely important to ensure the longevity of products in your house.

Deep Cleaning

Our Experienced Staff

With the increase in infections across the world, maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene is imperative. Be it a residence, office space, educational institution, or any other structure, regular cleaning won’t suffice. One has to conduct deep cleaning services to ensure a completely safe and clean environment, which is where our professional staff help. They possess the following qualities:

Well Equipped

Our staff will be available at your doorstep with all the required cleaning tools and equipment to achieve top-notch deep cleaning results. We have an expert team for steaming who provides excellent power and certified disinfection. Each of them highly trained and qualified in conducting a thorough deep cleaning process.


Unlike regular cleaning, deep cleaning requires the skills and knowledge of a professional. We have a team of trained cleaners who offer their dedicated deep cleaning services in Dubai combined with in-depth knowledge and expertise. They have the capability of studying the space and carrying out a process that will guarantee the expected results of a deep cleaning service.


Highly Experienced

Given their extensive years of experience in this domain, they are able to offer their services to any premises. Be it an apartment, villa, office, or any other structure, through their knowledge and unique cleaning techniques, they are able to achieve the best results. Also, their hands-on experience allows them to handle various challenges efficiently.


We ensure a strict hiring process as we aim at offering our customers cleaners and maids who are highly reliable and trustworthy. It allows us to assure customers of not being worried about the safety and security of their homes.

What Does Our Service Entail?

Our service includes dusting the furniture, cleaning the walls, sweeping, scrubbing and mopping the floors, cleaning the toilet, sinks, sanitizing the linens and rooms and thoroughly washing all other household appliances. Their deep cleaning expertise and knowledge allow them to provide efficient and reliable cleaning solutions. We cover the following areas during the process:

Sitting room – We start by dusting the fixtures, lampshades, fan other equipment in the hall. Special cleaning solutions are used for the floor tile and carpet depending on the material. Windows are cleaned thoroughly. We even conduct a thorough vacuuming of carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture to clean all the dust and bacteria formed.

Kitchen – Once the living room is complete, we proceed to the kitchen and start by cleaning and organizing the cabinets and drawers. The team cleans inside the cabinet, including the hidden corners, the oven, knobs, door handles, countertop, and other surfaces, ensuring it is clean and spotless. Special care is given to the burner grate to remove all the residue formed over time. These are specific areas in the kitchen that require deep cleaning in order to make it look as good as new. The process is completed with steaming that helps release any grease or oil found on any surface.


Bathroom – We clean and disinfect the bathroom, from toilets to the sink and bathtubs/shower area. The floor and wall tiles are scrubbed to release the dirt accumulated. Steaming is conducted to ease the grout cleaning process. In addition, we cover windowsills, doors, and cabinets in the bathroom.

Bedroom – Lastly, we move to the bedroom and start by dusting every appliance and corner. Tiles are cleaned by dusting, mopping and brushing, mattress and linen are vacuumed and sanitized, and organized to perfection. Get in touch with us today to learn more about Crystal Horse professional deep cleaning services in Dubai.