Ironing Services


Our maids are extremely skilled and proficient in ironing services. They have the knowledge and expertise in ensuring the original shine and texture is retained in the clothes. At Crystal Horse, we pride ourselves on offering customers of excellent service. Over the years, working with several clients, we have fine-tuned our skills to offer prompt, reliable, and professional ironing services in Dubai. Utmost care is given to the clothes, enabling customers to trust us with the service.

We use the most appropriate techniques and solutions, ensuring no damage to the fabric. When you choose our service, you benefit from affordability and quality. Our ironing services are offered to both men and women, eliminating the hassles of ironing for working individuals. It saves you time and allows you to be more presentable at your workspace.

Quality Ironing Services

If you are in search of affordable ironing services, the experts at Crystal Horse are at your service. We are committed to providing an incredible service, and not to mention, our prompt delivery. Get in touch with us for a satisfying and impressive service.

Why Our Ironing Services Are the Best?

Similar to other services, ironing too requires special skills. If not done right, you may end up harming the fabric. Here are qualities that define our ironing services:

Understand How to Use the Right Amount of Heat

Certain clothing pieces are made using sensitive fabrics. For instance, silk material requires less heat or it may end up burnt. As experts in this field, we easily recognize the material and set the temperature accordingly. It is imperative for the heat to be set at the right temperature in order to achieve the desired quality.

Understand How to Use the Right Amount of Heat

Possess Suitable Ironing Board

Crystal Horse has adjustable ironing boards, making the process easier and stress-free. Our ironing boards are light-weight and easy to operate, allowing us to achieve desired results.

Excellent Skills

Our ironing service providers have years of experience ironing clothes for individuals across Dubai. This has helped us master important skills, preventing damage to the fabric.