Specialized Kitchen Cleaning Services

Kitchen Cleaning Services

Your kitchen is one of the rooms where you perhaps spend most of your time. But do you know that’s where most contaminated objects are found? Given that your kitchen space is a hive of activity, it requires frequent cleaning. However, due to lack of time, energy and skills, the results delivered may not be as expected in comparison to when it’s performed by professional cleaning services in Dubai. At Crystal Horse, our kitchen cleaners are well-equipped with competent skills, enabling hem to deliver excellent services that are tailored to fulfil your requirements. They will ensure your kitchen is sparkling and stain-free.

Professional Cleaning Services in Dubai

Our team begins the process by dusting the entire room and cleaning every kitchen appliance. It is worth noting that our experts use the right equipment and cleaning detergents that match the material of your kitchen floor, walls, countertops and other appliances. We conduct deep cleaning on every appliance, including burner grates, stovetop burners, range hoods, and control knobs, among others. Also, the splatters in the microwave are disassembled and washed. We also scrub the turntable, chairs, kitchen door handles, cupboard front, and tables. Our skilled cleaning maids will polish kitchen surfaces, sweep and wipe the floors, hence leaving your kitchen space in a striking condition. To promote the flow of fresh air, we also remove dust build-up in ventilation spaces. Along with that, we empty your trash containers and get rid of clutter by organizing the drawers and storage spaces. As professionals, we guarantee no breakage of any equipment during the cleaning process. However, in case of an accident, you will be fully compensated.

Schedule for Your Kitchen Cleaning

Crystal Horse has extensive years of experience in deep cleaning both modern and conventional kitchens and have mastered several unique cleaning techniques. Irrespective of the size or design, our highly skilled cleaners will have it done to perfection. We apply effective cleaning strategies which enable us to stay ahead in the market. Together, our team works towards delivering excellent results, enabling you to be a part of our repeat customer database.

Kitchen Cleaning Services

Your safety and hygiene are of top priority to us, and as such we provide you with our proposed kitchen cleaning schedule. That being said, we don’t just work on a fixed schedule and can be flexible based on your availability. Nevertheless, our proposed plan shown below should help you make a well- informed decision.


Our dedicated cleaning maids can provide top-notch cleaning services daily. They will handle such tasks as vacuuming the kitchen floor, dishwashing, wiping surfaces, and emptying the trash bin, among other kitchen cleaning needs.

Weekly Cleaning

The weekly cleaning service entails a thorough cleaning, including polishing the floor. In addition, we clean and disinfect the kitchen countertop, and wash the dishes including cleaning stained wine glasses.

Bi-Weekly Cleaning Services

You can hire professional kitchen deep cleaning services. This one involves cleaning minor and major kitchen equipment such as the refrigerator, cabinets, pantries, wall, floor, and sinks among others. Furthermore, you can schedule a cleaning service every month as well. Reach out to us today for an unmatched kitchen cleaning service.