Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is effective because it can easily penetrate all types of fabrics and dislodge dirt particles. The heat also sterilizes the surface, getting rid of allergens and disease-causing germs. If your house is infested by bedbugs, mold, or even dust-mites, steam cleaning is the most effective solution to your cleaning troubles. Scheduled steam cleaning will eradicate diseases in your home. At Crystal Horse, we are always keen on updating our cleaning services to ensure that we give you only the best. Give us call and turn your home in Dubai into a healthier household that is free of allergens and bacteria.

Steam Cleaning

Areas Where Steam Cleaning is Necessary

Steam cleaning can be done in almost all areas within your household. However certain areas need to be steam cleaned often for spotless and healthier cleaning. These include:

Counter-Tops - Crystal Horse understands that countertops are high contact areas. This makes them prone to dirt and germs. Steam cleaning will not only clean them but also sterilize and sanitize them.

Mattresses - Mattresses pose a great cleaning challenge due to their density and the time it takes to dry. Steam cleaning will penetrate and dislodge all dirt and dust particles. It will also take a shorter time to dry, thus reducing any inconveniences.

Bathrooms - Bathrooms are a preferred breeding ground for bacteria and mold. These can pose a great health risk. To avoid it, have your bathroom steam cleaned regularly.

Grease and Pet Stains – Grease and pets make the most notorious stains. For them to be removed completely, you need to penetrate the fabric using steam. Our team ensures that your house is sparkling and free of all set-in stains.

Tile and Grout – Dirt always tends to accumulate within crammed spaces. We take great precautions to clean all those tiny spaces without damaging the porous surfaces through targeted steam cleaning.

Steam Cleaning of the Fabric Surface

What Not to Clean Through Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning involves the use of pressurized steam. Anything that can be damaged by heat and pressure should not be steam cleaned. Below is a list of things you shouldn't steam clean:

Water-based Paint and Cardboard – Water-based paint is easily dissolved by water. Boiling water will completely dissolve the paint, leaving your walls discolored.

Delicate Items – Velour upholstery, silk, and thin plastics fall under this category. They are easily disfigured by steam.

Carpets – Repeated steam cleaning of carpets compromises the quality. In the event of stains, we use targeted steam cleaning that focuses on the stained areas only.

Porous Surfaces – This includes marble, brick, and stucco surfaces. We pay attention to these surfaces. We do not steam clean them to avoid causing damage.

Silk cannot be Cleaned with Steam

Why Choose Us

Steam cleaning is an environmentally friendly method of cleaning. We have an able cleaning team that will give you flawless cleaning outcomes. Our teams are well-equipped with the latest technology in steam cleaning. This enables us to meet your cleaning needs in time. Crystal Horse is here to meet and fulfill all your expectations. Hit our toll-free number now.