Villa Cleaning

Flawless Villa Cleaning

Given that villas are relatively bigger, they require additional care and cleaning. At Crystal Horse. Our extensive years of experience allows us to identify the varied needs of villas and offer effective cleaning solutions. Backed by a team of experienced cleaners, they ensure to cover every area of your villa in a swift and efficient manner. Moreover, they are trained to provide sophisticated cleaning, steaming, sanitizing, and organizing. All our villa cleaning methods ensure the protection of the environment as we utilize high-quality cleaning tools and non-toxic products.

As professionals in the industry, we work together and strive to surpass client expectations by delivering excellent results. Our cleaning team covers the living room, kitchen, bathroom, dining room, and bedrooms, maid room, storage room, laundry room, and any other space. A thorough cleaning procedure is conducted, leaving your villa feeling as good as new. For more information, get in touch with us today. Alternatively, you could fill up our online form and we’ll get in touch instantly.

Villa Cleaning Service

Service Inclusions

Every space in your villa requires dedicated and meticulous cleaning, and our team of cleaning experts is well equipped with all these qualities and more. Villa cleaning requires the help of professionals as there are several rooms to cover, including the ones that are not used often. Here are the key areas of focus:


Most people spend most of their time in the kitchen, which is why a lot of dirt, germs, and bacteria are accumulated and stored on countertops. In order to ensure a clean and hygienic environment, regular and deep cleaning is imperative. We clean and sanitize the countertops to prevent illnesses and diseases.

Tubs, Toilets, And Sinks

Apart from countertops the next most germ and bacteria prone area is the bathroom. Given the frequent use of bathtubs, toilets, and sinks, they tend to collect germs and bacteria which can then be transferred to other members in the house. With regular cleaning, they may appear to be clean as bacteria and germs cannot be seen through the naked eye. Through our service, we eliminate these illness-causing germs and make it look as good as new.

Service Inclusions

Glass Surfaces and Mirrors

How would you feel if you saw stains and dirt particles instead of seeing a reflection of yourself in the mirror? We wouldn't be happy either. This is why we ensure that all your mirrors and reflective surfaces are clean and spotless.

Air Ducts

These tend to be a harbor for dirt and debris over time. As the dust continues to grow, the air quality drops and the efficiency of the AC also lowers significantly. It also causes dust allergies in individuals within the space. Regular air duct cleaning ensures you improved air quality. We even change the filters if required.

Why Should You Clean the Villa at One Session?

Since there are many rooms in a villa, one could argue that the cleaning session can be done in parts. However, that shouldn’t be the case. Cleaning at intervals allows dust particles to circulate through the villa, further compromising on the quality of rooms that have been cleaned. That is why it is advisable to opt for our flawless villa cleaning service in Dubai. We have the resources and team to ensure it is completed quickly and efficiently. Our prompt service allows us to stand out in the market. Give us a call today to avail of our service.