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Carpet Shampooing

Carpets and rugs are one of the most beautiful decors used to furnish any home or office space, primarily due to the warmth and softness it offers. That being said, carpets or even rugs store the most dirt and bacteria brought into the living space either from shoes or pets. It is also more prone to stains from spilled food and beverages. Regular vacuuming is not enough to eliminate all the dust stored, especially those that are invisible to the naked eye. We are an experienced carpet shampooing service provider in Dubai, offering services at the best price. Our team of experts are qualified and skilled in deep cleaning carpets and will utilize the right products depending on the carpet’s material. Our ability to customize the entire treatment allows us to offer unrivaled services. Regular cleaning ensures improved air quality, thereby reducing the rise of dust allergies within individuals.

Our carpet cleaning procedures also depend on the area. For instance, people living in areas with heavy soils will have extremely dirty carpets. In such a case, our carpet cleaning staff will use a hot-water extraction strategy to clean the carpet. This technique is highly effective and eliminates all invisible dirt and dust.

Carpet Cleaning

What’s Unique About Our Carpet Cleaning Procedures?

We use different effective carpet cleaning techniques - as cited above the hot- water removal technique. In this case, we inject the mat with warm water and add quality and suitable cleaning solutions. This helps lift the soil and dirt stored on the carpet. However, this technique does not involve rough brushing of the carpet. Besides, carpets cleaned using this strategy tends to dry faster. It’s a perfect method that leaves no soapy residue on your carpet. Our carpet shampooing procedures are unique and deliver excellent results. Once we have cleaned your carpet, you can forget about allergens, dirt, dust mites, plus microscopic pollutants found in most carpets.

Hot Water Extraction Strategy

Areas We Cover

We provide professional mobile carpet cleaning services across Dubai. Despite the stains on your carpet, we got the skills and necessary technology to get rid of any dirt including stubborn carpet stains. Furthermore, we take pride in offering flawless cleaning services to huge premises. So, whether it is for a residence, small office, or large-sized office space, you can easily rely on us for our efficient services. To help ease the process, we make use of high-quality products and advance cleaning tools such as our shampoo brushes which are a complete game-changer. When you choose our services, you can be sure of an excellent outcome. Book your carpet shampooing service to experience our remarkable cleaning services.

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What Makes Us the Best Cleaning Company?

One of the main reasons Crystal Horse ranks as the best carpet shampooing company in Dubai is because we are well equipped with a team of highly skilled individuals, who receive regular training to keep up with the rising demand of customers. They are well-versed with the use of several cleaning solutions suitable for varied materials and surfaces. It ensures zero damage to any surface. In addition, they also have the knowledge to work in various settings such as hospitals, offices, schools, homes, and religious sites. Contact us today or fill our online booking form and we’ll get in touch instantly.