Medical Cleaning Services

Medical Cleaning Services

It is of paramount importance to ensure that your medical facility remains clean and hygienic. Cleanliness in healthcare facilities is a necessity to not only protect the health and well-being of its inhabitants but it is a form of reassurance to your patients that it’s a place that they can trust. Through our medical cleaning service in Dubai, our goal here at Crystal Horse is to act as a one-stop solution for all your integrated cleaning requirements. Our experienced team of cleaning technicians is trained and certified on health and safety assessments and best-practice. Unlike cleaning other commercial environments, we understand that the requirements of medical facilities are entirely different. Our team knows how to handle hospital equipment in a safe and responsible manner. We make use of specialized tools for cleaning healthcare facilities, not to mention that our cleaners have extensive knowledge about the requirements of such premises.

Medical Cleaning

The Crystal Horse Advantage

Through our hospital and healthcare cleaning service, we strive to create a clean and safe environment that is necessary for infection control in such facilities. Additionally, with our team focused on eradicating germs and bacteria within your medical facility, you can commit your available time and resources more on patient care and other such activities. Listed are some of the key benefits of our service:

  • Infection Control
  • Clean and Calm Environments
  • Enhance Patient Satisfaction
  • Cost Management
  • Value for Money

Clean and Calm Environments

Our Medical Cleaning Service Inclusions

At Crystal Horse, we have in our team competent cleaners who have undergone strict and detailed training in medical facility cleaning. Our inclusive training modules cover all the necessary information on how to combat the increase of infections in the exam room, how to disinfect operating theatres, and how to work within a high-risk environment. The professional team here at Crystal Horse are qualified in the following areas:

  • Implementing basic safety measures
  • Proper use of PPE kits
  • Handling sharp objects
  • Reading and interpreting labels and signage
  • Microbiology principles
  • Observing good hand hygiene
  • Familiar with Control plans
  • Pandemic Alertness

Sterilization of Surfaces

As mentioned, we adhere to the rules and procedures laid down by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) in Dubai. Our team is well-versed on the guidelines that explain how to respond and control pandemics that may arise in hospital settings. In addition to mopping and dusting, we can also sterilize surfaces and hospital equipment to stop the spread of infectious diseases.

Whether you have a single healthcare facility or many, you can trust us to deliver fully customized medical cleaning services. We are readily available, and our service prices are competitive. Contact us today to know more about our medical cleaning service in Dubai.