Sofa Cleaning

Sofa Cleaning Services

While it may sound easy enough, sofa cleaning at times can be an uphill task! From retaining the sofa’s quality to the time, it takes to dry, there are several things that one must consider. As one of the leading sofa cleaning companies in Dubai, we here at Crystal Horse, consider all such factors to render a service that guarantees quality. We constantly upgrade our techniques to suit the ever-dynamic creative sofa industry in terms of design and material used. If you are looking for competent sofa cleaners in Dubai or the UAE, Crystal Horse will have all your needs covered.

Choose Professionals for Sofa Cleaning

Why Choose Professionals for Sofa Cleaning

Sofas aren't just a place to sit and buy time, they are where you make most of your family memories, and we understand that. That is why we are dedicated to ensuring that they remain clean, safe, and in pristine quality for as long as possible.

Here are some reasons why you need to let a skillful expert clean your sofas:

  • Complete Elimination of Dust and Dirt Particles – Sofas have complex designs with bends and cracks that act as a safe haven for dirt and dust particles. These cracks are often hard to clean, even with the best cleaning equipment. Our cleaning company stands apart not only due to the quality of the equipment we use, but also due to the expertise of our team.
  • Avoid Discoloration of Fabric – Domestic cleaning, though good for short-term cleaning, often leads to discoloration of your sofas. We focus on retaining your sofa’s original color while ensuring they are sparkling clean.
  • Removal of Stubborn Stains – Sofas are very prone to stains as they are accessible to everyone, including our pets. Some of these stains are very hard to clean and often leave visible marks after domestic cleaning.
  • Enhance Durability of your Sofa – We only use eco-friendly suppliers that are kind on your furniture’s fabric and are tailormade for the material.

Using Steam to Clean your Sofa

Why Choose Us

Crystal Horse is a customer-centric cleaning company that aims at giving personalized cleaning solutions to all our clients. This approach has made us understand that each sofa is unique and needs a unique approach for better results. We attain this through the following:

  • Use of Steam - This allows us to penetrate the fabric and effectively kill all dust mites. We do this before the vacuuming to ensure proper and thorough cleaning.
  • Modern vacuum cleaners - With our vacuums' upholsteries, we can do an all-round and inclusive cleaning for the entire sofa. This also includes all the seams, zippers, buttons, etc.
  • Quality Cleaning Products - We use enzyme-based formulas sourced from trusted brands to work on set-in stains without compromising the sofas' color or fabric composition.

At Crystal Horse, we pay attention to details. That is why our sofa cleaning teams are extensively trained to check your sofa tags for the manufacturer's instructions on cleaning. This is vital in protecting your sofa and, in turn, increasing its durability while maintaining quality. Contact Crystal Horse today for your sofa cleaning needs in Dubai.